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Christian Mysticism Series & I Won’t Be Here Next Week

I just finished up another posts series over on my main blog, Inside Cup. This series is all about Christian Mysticism. Since Christian Mysticism is such a broad topic, I brought down the topic into 4 posts. I shared my first post on emotionalism a couple of weeks ago. I’d like to share the whole… Continue reading Christian Mysticism Series & I Won’t Be Here Next Week

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Happy Labor Day! | Blog Update

I wish my American friends a beautiful Labor Day! I thought this might be the perfect time to share a little update. I have the rest of September lined up for posts for UnAshamed! I have one post to finish for the end of the month, which finishes up our Anxiety series. Inside Cup is… Continue reading Happy Labor Day! | Blog Update

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Taking Quick Break This Week

Thank you all for praying last week for the post I was working on. After several weeks of writing, praying, editing, writing, praying, listening to interviews and reading articles the post Concerns With The Chosen was finally ready. Please continue to pray for everyone involved in The Chosen and that the truth of Christ is… Continue reading Taking Quick Break This Week