About This Blog & Me (T. R. Noble)

I created UnAshamed Christian Housewife to be able to share content more related to married women. By no means does this mean all published posts will be solely for married women, no. In fact, I hope every post has some nugget of help for all readers.

My blogging journey began in 2016. My husband was stationed overseas, and I lived alone in our apartment. For many months, I had tried to figure out what God was calling me to do. I felt like such a failure I wasn’t meeting the expectations of others.

Finally, in February of 2016 I created a blog called Inside Cup. The purpose of the blog is to focus on the inside cup, our heart. Jesus taught that people can clean the outside of the cup, but inward the cup is dirty because it is not cleaned. The goal of Inside Cup is to talk about issues drawing us closer to Jesus.

There are many topics that we should be drawing close to Jesus in, and one day I had a sudden idea to make a Christian blog more specifically for posts related to married women, teen girls and women in general. I thought that might help me categorize my posts better so everything isn’t mainly on Inside Cup, thus the inspiration.

I hope to cover topics for single Christian women, married women, teen girls, potentially some “homey posts” like recipes and the like, while pointing to Jesus in every single post. 🙂


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