Is Christmas Wrong? Ways To Think About Christmas

I know a red button topic 😅 but it is important to think about these things. Over on my main blog, Inside Cup, I shared a list of Christmas posts I’ve already covered, in addition to some other resources you might want to check out. (See: Christmas Posts & Resources)

Today, I am going to answer some common misconceptions I hear about Christmas.

See: Melissa Dougherty – Satire Video: Judy McJudgerson Tries To Wreck Christmas Melissa points out many misconceptions people have about Christmas. Sarcasm is used, but sarcasm was also used Biblically. The goal of sarcasm in this video is to make a point. I will dive a little into some misconceptions, especially ones I have received recently.

Now, it should be said, if you decide not to celebrate Christmas, that’s completely ok. We all need to do things unto the Lord. If we celebrate Christmas, we need to celebrate unto the Lord. If Dec. 25th is a regular day, then it needs to be done unto the Lord.

Getting into a debate because Dec. 25th is not the birthday of Christ (and many people do not believe it is the actual date of birth) isn’t helpful. (See: 5 Alternative Facts About Christmas You’ve Always Believed But Aren’t True (Alisa Childers) Alisa explains how Dec. 25th is the not the actual birth date of Christ.)

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Some things to consider for those against Christmas and wish no one else celebrated Christmas because of convictions:

(1) Picking a day to celebrate Christ’s birth, why He came, the significance of God becoming the God-Man, how all of this leads to the Gospel is not sinful.

(2) In the Old Testament, festivals were often used to remind the people of the past and the importance of those events. It is important to talk about how special the birth of Christ was in comparison to anyone else.

(3) Christmas is not like a golden calf. It is not strange fire. Taking a literal picture in Scripture and making that moment symbolic of other things is not helpful. A description in scripture is not a prescription for everyone.

  • Why isn’t Christmas a golden calf? The gold calf was a pagan god of Egypt. (See: Apis from World Encyclopedia) The Israelites were not celebrating the God of Abraham. They took the acts of God (the Creator) and they then gave the credit to a creation, a man-made god/idol. – Keep this in mind when we discuss Santa. For someone to celebrate Christ, the true God, the God of Abraham on Dec. 25th is not sinful. To say celebrating Christ is wrong and like a gold calf doesn’t make sense because the celebration of Christ is not a substitute of Christ because Jesus is God.
  • Why isn’t Christmas like giving a strange fire? Now some will argue Christmas on Dec. 25th is like a strange fire. This is in reference to Aaron’s sons Nadab and Abihu. These two decided they would offer censers of fire and incense to the Lord. God killed them because the fire was not authorized by God. (Numbers 3:04) Now, it is important to note how crucial it was for the Levitical priests to obey the instructions the Lord gave. Sacrifices had to be offered a particular way. Dec. 25 is not a day for sons of Aaron to disobey God. We are not offering censers of fire with incense to God. None of us are the direct sons of Aaron. We are celebrating, for those that do, how Christ followed every single detail God required of the atonement sacrifice to be pure. It began with God becoming the God-Man so He who was without sin, would later become the curse on the tree, breaking the bondage for those who were cursed under the Law. Christ became Man, the God-Man, because all men were sinners. It’s crucial people understand this in regards to the Gospel message.
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(4) Is a man-made festival wrong? I’ve seen the argument that Christmas is wrong because it was not His actual birth date. However, there are those who do not celebrate birthdays, therefore, even if this was the birth date of Christ, people would STILL argue about it. The argument goes that celebrating something man-made is like offering the strange fire, which I covered above. A man-made celebration isn’t necessarily sinful. There are Jewish holidays not in the cannon of scripture that we see Christ associated with. Hanukkah (the Feast of Dedication or the Feast of Lights) being one. If the Feast of Lights was sinful, one would think Christ would discuss it and point it out, but He did not. Christ did mention multiple times that HE was the light of the world. (John 10:22, and commentary on John 10:22 by Pulpit) Jesus could use a symbol people were familiar with and direct it to the truth of His coming.

  • (ESV) Colossians 2:16-17, “Therefore let no one pass judgment on you in questions of food and drink, or with regard to a festival or a new moon or a Sabbath. These are a shadow of the things to come, but the substance belongs to Christ.”
  • The Jewish festivials were a shadow of the coming of Jesus Christ. For a Christian using Christmas, a celebration, to focus on Jesus directly, and not merely symbolically isn’t wrong. His birth isn’t a symbol of His birth, it was a REAL birth. His birth meant His death on the cross and resurrection. It’s a big deal, it’s part of the Gospel message, and that’s something to celebrate.

(5) Pagan symbols connected to Christmas?– One of the best arguments I’ve heard against the concern of paganism points out that Satan and mankind will take the things of God and make it dark/pagan. If we were as concerned about this as we are for Christmas, then we should stop saying the days of the week.

  • People are concerned about pagans using trees? Um, well, then, is God wrong for using trees as illustrations, when the pagans did it, too? God wanted trees as art for the temple. Christ said He was the Vine and the Church is His branches. Images of trees and the symbolism of trees to Jesus isn’t new. Yet, when pagans do it, suddenly they have this untouchable authority and “power” over God’s creation and it’s like we can’t associate those things to our Creator anymore. Even though, you know, our Creator created those things to be good. We don’t fear pagans. We don’t fear Satan or darkness. We fear God because God is ruler of all. We should be able to use His creation, all things created for good, and use them to point back to the Creator. Just because darkness tries to claim what is light does not mean they have more authority over what God has already ordained as good.

Scripture shares we have Christian liberty. Christ broke the bonds of being under a Law and the curse of legalism. If we are sensitive to the symbols of Christmas and cannot associate with Christmas due to our conscience, then obey the Lord. But we can’t put this same conviction on everyone else.

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