Our Christian Anthem | Christian Poem

We are coming for you nations.
Following our King’s command.
We are coming for you nations.
It is only in Christ we stand.

We do not bend
when feelings become dictator.
We do not bend
when love for Christ is called blasphemous and traitor.

Arrows are shot into the air.
Shields cover the body as one.
Christ is our chant.
You can kill us, but our King’s not done.

Wave after wave, we will keep coming.
You will never defeat our King.
Our Savior defeated you long ago.
This is our chorus, why we sing.

As soon as one of us falls
another stands right back up.
We are strong in numbers,
as the Living Water fills our cup.

Beware of the smallest soldier
Their faith is like a mustard tree,
For they are the fiercest ones,
even if their ages are seven and three.

Our strength is in our weakness.
Our knowledge knowing we are not alone.
Our body can struggle with weariness,
But our eyes are fixated on our true home.

“To die is GAIN!”
This is the anthem we shout.
“He gave us our new name!”
No room for darkness and doubt.

The High Priest intercedes on our behalf.
The Holy Spirit intercedes with silent groaning.
The Father’s refuge is like wings that cover.
God alone helps us make it to morning.

The battle is HIS.
The war is HIS.
The world knows it and cowers.
But to the righteous, a strong tower!

We run to Him and are safe.
No one can pluck us from His hand.
For death is already defeated,
and the cares of this world retreated.

No, death does not scare us.
What is temporal will not last.
But eternity is our mission.
We are coming for you and we are coming fast.


Please pray for the Church as she is persecuted around the world. Pray for Afghanistan. Pray for the truth of Jesus Christ to make scales fall from eyes. Pray that the Bride be strengthened!

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