5 Free Kindle Christian Books You Can Download

Who doesn’t like curling up to a good book with some tea (or coffee) and blanket? Today, I want to recommend some books you can glean spiritual truths from godly men and women. And one of the best parts is, ALL OF THESE BOOKS ARE FREE! Even if you do not have a phone, you can view all kindle “purchases” (you still need to buy a $0.00 book to add it to your library) at Amazon on a desktop computer. So all you need really is just an Amazon account, which is free to make.

Ladies, this post is not a sexy, light-hearted candy canes & rainbows, fiction filled fantasy of books for the secular world (not that I do not enjoy wholesome fiction books from time to time, I do). The books I am going to give you will help you be inspired to draw near to Christ, possibly might convict you, and help equip you with the truth. As I have shared previously, we have a lot of watered-down material for women, and I want you to have some meat to chew on.

Please note: I have not read all of the books I am going to recommend, but I do have the books downloaded. The people I am going to recommend are men and women I have not found any issues with in teaching sound doctrine. Many of them are recommended by other men and women I have recommended in the past.

1.) Charles SpurgeonFollowing Christ: Losing Your Life For His Sake (Typical Reading Time: 2hrs 30 mins)

I have always been a major fan of Charles Spurgeon. He is packed full of wisdom and his powerful quotes have always pointed back to the Savior. This book is all about living for Christ.

Look forward to many more free books of his in the future, and if you are a fan, go check him out, there are tons of free books.

2.) George Muller My Journal (Typical Reading Time – Less than an hr)

Mr. Muller’s story of putting ultimate faith in God to provide for his family and the orphans he took care of has been an incredible testimony. This journal records from when he was younger to when he begins his ministry and some extraordinary blessings that come out of it.

3.) Amy CarmichaelLotus Buds (Typical Reading Time 4 hrs 11 mins)

I first learned about Amy through a sister in Christ. Recently, I heard a quote from Amy that really helps give an idea of what type of woman she was. She talked about how anything that got in front of Christ was an idol. Her life was about showing the love of Christ and pointing to the Gospel truth.

This book covers some of her ministry in India. She took in baby girls to her orphanage. The reasoning was to protect the girls from being dedicated to the temple and becoming prostitutes. Most of the book is centered on the care to the little ones, but toward the end there is more information on those who were not saved.

4.) A. W. TozerThe Pursuit Of God (Typical Reading Time 1hr and 26 mins)

I went over this book with two sisters in Christ, and much of this book was convicting to read. The material is fairly heavy to take in, so if you are a slower reader (for any of these books) it’s totally okay! Tozer, like Spurgeon, has gems of truth scattered throughout his manuscripts. The purpose of this book is to seek God and not go through the motions of being a Christian on the outside.

5.) Jon Cardwell & John BunyanTo Be A Pilgrim: A Modern Christian Allegory

If you have tried to read Pilgrim’s Progress, and struggled, this book I highly recommend this book. Following the same outline of Pilgrim’s Progress, Cardwell makes the story more modern in language for the reader, with some changes. But overall, you still get the story of Pilgrim’s Progress. I recommend if you struggle with reading Pilgrim’s Progress, read this first, and then try again. It really helped me, and it’s such a convicting story. It truly is a story of a Christian.

Have you found a free Christian kindle book you have really enjoyed?

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